The flood cometh!

Who would have thought that the Australian Parliament House rape allegation could get any worse.

Perhaps we’re just blinkered if we don’t think it can in fact get worse.

In the period of just seven days, there are four allegations of rape or inappropriate sexual situations by four women. It’s understood that all allegations are directed to at least two male Liberal Party members.

All throughout this, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison maintains that he was unaware of any of this.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

It would make the Prime Minister a liar or woefully inept in the top job.

I’m appalled by the amount of female members of the Liberal Party that have claimed they knew little about the allegations, despite information that would indicate otherwise.

Amanda Vanstone. Opinion piece writer for The Age newspaper and contributor to ABC Radio National

Now former Liberal Party member and former Senator, Amanda Vanstone has been quite dismissive of the situation in what could be seen as a bid to lessen the seriousness of what has allegedly been allowed to happen in the nations capital.

It’s hard to argue that there’s a great deal of inequality in Australian federal politics. Both sexes are proving to be horrible and self serving.

Published by Cory O'Connor

Cory from Geelong, Australia. Blogger, podcaster and podcast listener. Digital media creator.

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