Capital Crime

With every day that passes, the news from Australia’s capital, Canberra – is increasingly horrifying.

It was only a week and a half ago that the public learnt of the alleged rape of former Liberal Party staffer who worked at Australia’s Parliament House, Brittany Higgins.

Brittany Higgins

On Monday the 15th of February 2021, ABC News reported that: Brittany Higgins alleged, on Channel Ten’s The Project, that she was raped by a male colleague in the office of then-defence industry minister Linda Reynolds after a night out in the weeks before the 2019 election was called. Ms Higgins said she decided not to pursue a complaint with the police as she felt pressure that it would affect her job.

As to when the allegation was known in the halls of power, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, he was told about the alleged rape a few days before the rest of us.

Ms Higgins denies this. She claims she received a call prior to the 2019 Federal Election, from the Prime Minister’s Office (not from the PM himself), to apparently check in with her to make sure she was okay.

Coincidentally, this alleged phone call came just prior to the airing of an ABC-TV Australia 4 Corners investigation into sexual impropriety in Canberra.

A lot has happened since the public discovered the allegation on February 15. As of Tuesday 23 February, there are now four reports of assault on female staff members at Parliament House.

The name of the alleged rapist of at least two of the women has been released to the public.

I am choosing not to name him here or on the Cory Talks Podcast for two reasons.

While I hardly have the media presence to influence any possible future court case, I am not a journalist and would not want to present information that could be seen as possibly prejudicing a court case on this or other related matters. Secondly, I do not wish to be sued.

Brittany Higgins in better times.

It is my personal view that the identity of the suspect should be made public once assessed by Australian Federal Police that he is the likely perpetrator and a warrant be issued for his arrest.

Australian Federal Police

The alleged appears to have managed to wipe himself from the internet and deleted his social media accounts. That takes planning and knowledge. Is this at all possible something he could have done alone? I very much doubt this.

Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison

I also doubt (to a very high degree) that the Prime Minister or his office, were unaware of the circumstances in this rape allegation.

Why would a ministerial office couch be steam cleaned on the weekend, if there were nothing to hide.

Victims of crime deserve justice. The rest of us are not in the same boat as Ms Higgins and others who have laid allegations, but all Australian’s deserve to know what happened, how this could occur and be swept under the carpet, and put an end once and for all to politicians getting away with all sorts of crimes.

Politicians are no different to you or I and holding power should not mean they can trample all over the laws of the land.

Prime Minister Morrison saying that politics is no different to other business industries when it comes to crimes such as rape.

How can he possibly think that comment can excuse what’s happened under his own nose. Is the Prime Minister a criminal or a cretin?

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