Accused Minister to front media

It’s an understatement to say Australian politics is murky. It’s actually a whole lot worse than that – and that’s just based on the allegations!

The truth could bring down the Federal government.

Parliament House, Canberra.

An allegation was made by a woman who died last year, that in 1988 she was raped by a current serving and very senior government minister.

This government minister which many on social media have named as the alleged rapist, a name that everyone in Canberra knows, yet the general public does not (not with 100 percent surety).

Today this minister is supposedly coming forward to speak after engaging a top lawyer that follows yesterday’s announcement by New South Wales Police that it had closed the investigation due to a lack of admissible evidence.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Australian’s that he’s spoken with the minister in question, and he emphatically denies the allegation of raping a teenage girl in the 80’s.

The PM was one of a number of politicians who received a letter recently detailing the allegation, but it seems Morrison has not read the letter and would not stand down the minister because it was a matter for Police.

The Prime Minister has clearly taken sides in this and has not been winning friends over his words or actions in recent rape claim stories.

He’s shown himself as heartless, lacking empathy and compassion and quite possibly a liar – at the very least, a enabler of criminal activities.

Scott Morrison. Prime Minister of Australia.

I find it rather convenient that after putting his fellow male colleagues under a cloud for the past few days, with the public wondering who this alleged rapist was, he decides to come forward the day after Police say there’s very little evidence that could be used in a court of law.

I posted on Twitter yesterday after i discovered the minister would be holding a media conference to address the claim…

Typographical error: should read he’ll come forward…

Yes this minister like any Australian deserves the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. But if the minister in question is the same as the one who in the last few days, has been going about editing his Wikipedia page to remove his movements in Sydney in 1988 from the record… this looks very guilty. And if it is the minister that is being named on Twitter, he should know better in his position.

Once the minister comes forward, if he does. I will add an update to this post. But at this point I maintain law must be upheld and the right procedures completed. It’s just a shame that many people with power abuse the law for their own personal gain.

Australian Attorney General, Christian Porter

At 3pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday 3rd March, 2021, Australia’s Attorney General, Christian Porter held a media conference in his home state of Western Australia and confirmed what many already knew, that he was the senior government minister accused of the historical rape allegation.

Porter strenuously denied the claim and said that while he was going to take two weeks of personal time to try and regain his mental health, he would not resign as Attorney General. Saying that would set a terrible precedent. From a strenuous denial to a tenuous excuse for not resigning.

At the media conference which was a mix of tears and aggressive rebuttals said his view was that, as there was no way of proving the allegation, he didn’t see a need for an independent investigation.

Apart from the arrogance of this man thinking that he gets to decide what laws apply to him, I’d say that’s exactly why he should step down as AG.

I have absolutely no evidence to support my belief, but I feel Porter has form for this type of unacceptable behaviour.

Porter came out swinging at the Perth media conference saying the rape allegation had been politicised by external forces. The AG then went on to politicise it himself. How could he not though, he is a politician, he is also the top law official in Australia. A man who has been accused of a serious and criminal offence. How could it not be political.

It’s also arrogant of a member of the Liberal Party to be talking about the politicisation of a rape allegation. The Liberal Party was not hesitating when it politicised an allegation against former Labor Party leader Bill Shorten and then ensuring the story resurfaced this week in an attempt to deflect Australian’s attention away from the government’s woes.

For the record, Bill Shorten was thoroughly investigated and found to be innocent of the allegations.

While there is nothing in the law that says Christian Porter has to resign based on what’s currently known. With NSW Police having closed the case, or if reports are true, never having opened a case on this historical rape claim, the ball is now in the Prime Minister’s court.

Christian Porter and Scott Morrison

But for how much longer will (and can) Prime Minister Scott Morrison support Porter?

Update: Thursday 4 March 2021

It seems for the foreseeable future the Prime Minister intends to support his Attorney General Under A Cloud. While New South Wales Police said they couldn’t proceed without evidence, leaving it up to the PM to decide on an independent investigation, the well-known avoider of actual work, Prime Minister Morrison said today that he couldn’t do anything if the Police couldn’t proceed.

Possibly yet another lie from a man who couldn’t lie straight in bed. If the Prime Minister really wanted to put an end to this evil chapter in Canberra politics, he’d launch an investigation.

Of course there are plenty more chapters in the book of the Liberal Party of Australia’s cheating, lying, rorting, scheming and abhorrent abuse, to be played out before the next Federal Election to get rid of quite possibly the most inept and allegedly criminal federal government’s in Australian history.

I for one am hoping this renders the Liberal and National parties unelectable for many, many years to come.

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