The long scam?

About a month ago, someone followed me on my Twitter account. My rule, you follow me, I follow you. So I followed this person back.

The Twitter account was purportedly that of a young man living with his family in The Gambia. Despite being a poorer country, he said they were quite happy and content. In the coming weeks, that would change – read on.

He was asking what I felt were rather personal questions for someone you don’t even know. I asked him why he chose to follow my Twitter account. He said because he wanted to make new friends from around the world.

I was very clear that I wasn’t looking for some sort of pen pal. He said he understood and appreciated my honesty.

A few days passed before he sent me another Direct Message on Twitter asking how I was. I responded and thinking this was probably a scam in the making, I asked him some pointed questions and I believe he is from where he says he is.

In the following weeks there would be sporadic DM’s asking how I was and what I was up to.

Then last weekend I got a series of question marks from him. Like he’d asked a question and I hadn’t replied. I asked him what that was about. He didn’t reply until early this morning.

This is the second morning in a row that I’ve woken up about 4am, but my sleeping habits for another time I think. He’d responded to my query by saying it didn’t matter and again asked me how i was.

Here’s what happened next…

That series of messages at 5:31am was quite long and I question how someone could type so quickly… unless they are sentences pasted in to fit the narrative.

6:07am was the last message from sannehba. There was no more. There was not going to be any more because I reported and blocked the account.

There are so many people all around the world who are suffering and I would love to help them all, I really would. I’m hardly in a position to be able to help a few people let alone a lot of people.

But I’d have a lot less to give if I were taken in by scammers.

It’s not just our political leaders, businesses and the super rich who contribute to the great divide between the wealthy and poor. It is all of us. The less well off who try to make money by scamming decent caring people, share the blame and by creating these scams from human misery experience only temporary wealth and happiness. Like a drug of dependence, they need to do it over and over to survive.

I don’t know what the processes that need to happen, but I do know the answer. We need, we must have a world whereby we’re all equal. There is no need for lying and cheating in that world.

Like going to the moon, I doubt I’ll see that in my lifetime.

We may never achieve such a utopia, but I believe it’s the desire to achieve this, that’s most important.

Published by Cory O'Connor

Cory from Geelong, Australia. Blogger, podcaster and podcast listener. Digital media creator.

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