Hi I’m Cory O’Connor.

It all started when I was born in 1971. I don’t remember much of that time – come on! I was too busy crying, peeing and pooping myself.

Anyway, after many years I grew in to what some would call ‘a man’. I developed a liking for the media. Initially television, but when community radio came to the city in which I live, I signed up in 1988 and after a nerve-racking on-air debut I discovered that I loved it and that radio was what I wanted to do. In 1994 I began working at a commercial radio station in Geelong. I am now in my 23rd year (2017) at bay 93.9 (and since 1998 at bay’s sister station) krock 95.5.

I’ve had a heart condition since 2011 – at least that’s when it was diagnosed – so now I walk a lot. I have gone through so many pairs of shoes. Apart from radio I also like graphic design and podcasting.

Mid 2019 I learnt that the person I trusted more than anyone else in the world had been lying to me for as long as we’d known each other. Some things stay with you forever, and unfortunately this heartbreaking moment in my life will remain for the rest of my days.

My time in radio, which has spanned almost 32 years in total, has run its course. As technology evolves and business moving to minimal staff, my services are no longer required.

In May 2020 I started making a podcast of my own. It’s still evolving, but now I am really chuffed to have my podcast, Cory Talks on Apple Podcasts.

Now you’re pretty much up to date.

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