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Scams S03 E14 – Fri 9 Apr 2021 Cory Talks Podcast

On this edition of Cory Talks… Scams Recently I’ve been followed by someone on Twitter who comes from The Gambia in Africa. I believe his reason for following me was to scam me out of money. If this is true, then I could see he was playing the long game, as he started following me more than a month ago and it’s only just prior to recording this special edition of the podcast that the hand came out for money. Since recording this episode, now two others had started following me, all from The Gambia. I’m guessing since the first attempt to scam me didn’t work, they’re thinking try, try again! Hear my story on this special episode of Cory Talks. I also want to hear from you. Drop me a line via my website. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and turn notifications on so you can be alerted when there’s new episodes out. The show’s available on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podchaser, RadioPublic, Spotify and Stitcher. Cory Talks website – Cory Talks email – send via the website Cory O’Connor on Twitter – Cory O'Connor on Instagram – I source information from a variety of sources, most commonly ABC News Australia, Independent Australia and The Guardian. CORY TALKS. A PODCAST FROM CORY.MEDIA — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message:
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