Tracey Cory Road Trip

JAN 1, 2021: Tracey and Cory got up really early on New Year’s Day to capture the very first sunrise of 2021. We were not disappointed. A lot of pictures are on Tracey’s and my socials (links below). You’ll also find the three videos I shot there on Twitter. They’re also releasing on my YouTube Channel.

DEC 20, 2020: For the second year in a row, we’ve published video and pictures from our search for the best Christmas lights in Geelong. The video also appears on my YouTube Channel.

DEC 15, 2020: In the early hours of Tuesday 15th December, Tracey and Cory went in search of the meteor shower, but ended up being showered in sunrise sunlight.

Sunrise from ANZAC Drive in Torquay, Australia | Tuesday 15 December 2020

OCT 31, 2020: A previous Road Trip was a ‘howling at the heavens’ good time on Halloween night (Saturday 31st October). An audio description of this Road Trip was on the Cory Talks podcast on Sunday 1st November. Find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts – also at

Here’s an assortment of pictures taken at Torquay. I know, not a whole lot of the moon, but some howling at it from Tracey and Cory. Lots of awesome pictures of sunset though.

OCT 19, 2020: We’d planned a Road Trip for Friday 27th March but due the COVID-19 health regulations and lockdown, we rescheduled it to Monday 19 October. Tracey, Cory and Helen visited Daylesford in regional Victoria. Find pictures on Tracey’s socials, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Video from our Road Trip on my YouTube channel. But here’s just some of the pics…

Tracey and Cory do get around, otherwise it’d be called Tracey & Cory Are Stationary instead of Tracey Cory Road Trip.

They’ve been to Hanging Rock in the Macedon Ranges, Colac and Forest in the Otway Ranges and Torquay on Geelong’s Surf Coast. They even went chasing the Blood Moon of 2018.

The Socials.

Tracey McGee

Cory O’Connor

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