I used to watch quite a bit of television in my young years. In fact I used to get the weekly television guide in Australia, TV Week and highlight all the shows that I planned to watch.

Oh how times have changed.

I like comedies such as Will & Grace, Aussie shows – Utopia, Rosehaven and Hard Quiz. Australian news satire show The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. I’m in to science fiction with my absolute favourite show, Doctor Who. Plus I really get in to dramas. Australia makes a lot a great dramas.

While I used to watch terrestrial television (free to air TV), I stream more than ever. Not a monthly subscription service, instead the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s iView platform and multicultural broadcaster, SBS and their streaming service, SBS On Demand.

What sort of TV shows and genres do you like? Drop me a line via the contact section on my homepage.

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